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Harlingen, TX 78550

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Dear Patients,


Effective November 16, 2011, during our transition to a Free Standing Emergency Room, we will be known as the private practice of Emergence Medicine, R Joe Ybarra MD.  We will prototype a selective private practice concierge emergency model. Since you have visited our practice before, we would like to inform you of these changes before the public; this offer is for the first 1000 patients or 350 families that sign up. Once signed up, I, R Joe Ybarra MD, will be available to you 24/7. After this initial offering, our panel will close. When it reopens there will be a retainer fee.


If you are interested in me becoming your Primary Care Physician and being a part of his panel you must:


1.    Select R Joe Ybarra MD as your primary care physician

2.    Schedule a visit to discuss a personalized emergency health plan(first aid kits, hurricane preparedness , and VIP emergency visit plan) and manage any emergent  health issues.  There must be at least one emergent reason for your visit.  A sports prescription may ensue for qualified individuals.

3.    Participate with the creation of a Personal Health Record (PHR) for you and your family.



For more information or to make an appointment please call my office @ 956-412-3131.


I look forward to providing you with the best quality care.



R Joe Ybarra MD.